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Course: T3



A workshop that helps managers to cope and manage more effectively in real-time, moving beyond a paradigm of problem  solving to one that proactively seeks out or anticipates problems and come up with innovative winning solutions. 

The workshop will provide psychological insights into how the mind works and how experts excel.  Participants will learn a framework as well as a range of tools and techniques to enhance their strategic thinking skills.


For Whom

  • CEOs/Managing Directors

  • Management team members

  • HODs/Managers/Supervisors

  • Senior Executives/Officers  



29/1/10 (Wed); 9 am - 5 pm

30/6/10 (Wed); 9 am - 5 pm

27/10/10 (Wed); 9 am - 5 pm


  • To understand the nature and the implications of strategic thinking
  • To acquire a framework and the tools and techniques for thinking strategically


Course Outline

How the Mind Works

  • Cognition

  • Knowledge Representation

  • Schemas and Mental Modes

  • Types and Levels of Thinking


Strategic Thinking

  • Definition of Strategy

  • Strategising in Business and Management

  • The Nature of Strategic Thinking

  • The Benefits and Implications of Thinking


Developing Strategic Thinking

  • How Experts Excel

  • Metacognitive Skills

  • A framework for Thinking Strategically

  • Strategic Thinking Methods, Tools and Techniques



"Opens up new perception to why people think the way they do."

"It s helpful not only for business but also for personal development."

"Facilitator is very knowledgeable."

“ Allowed me to expand on personal knowledge and motivation to work in strategies”

“The course was beneficial to me and other executive for their development”

“Can apply to everyday life and is enlightening”

"Give another aspect  of learning".

" Suitable for mid-level managers who needs to strategise goals". 


2/3/12 (Fri), 9 am - 5 pm

7/9/12 (Fri), 9 1m - 5 pm



$550+GST pp; 10% discount for 2 or more registrations

(Inclusive of training manuals, lunch & refreshments)

10% discount off registration fee for 2 or more participants from same company  

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