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6M was incorporated in 1983
Main areas of business include:
  1. Human Resource Consultancy and Training
  2. Strategic Business Planning and Implementation

Services include:
  • Provides customised human resource training  and development
  • Organises public workshops, seminars, forums and conventions

Track record and summary of projects completed include:

Human Resource Consultancy & Training - Example projects

  • Carried out training needs analysis and developed total training plans for numerous companies

  • Carried out training needs analysis and developed total training plans for automobile and insurance industries in Singapore

  • Developed a performance management system for  a group of companies with subsidiary/associate companies in the region

  • Service culture development and customer service training program for a retail client

  • Developed a 360°managerial competency profiling instrument for a government ministry

  • Conducted a residential 5-day management development program for 200 managers/executives of a MNC

Strategic Business Planning & Implementation - Example Projects

  • Developed and implement strategic business plans for several companies identified by Singapore Productivity and Standards Board (PSB) as promising SMEs

  • Conducted numerous management retreat programs for MNCs and SMEs

  • Carried out climate and market research surveys and other organizations review studies involving questionnaires, interviews and focus groups for many organizations


Other projects include:
  • Publishes executive magazine "Executive World"

  • Organised Talks, Forums, Convention e.g. "Executive SympoFair 2000"

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Executive SympoFair 2000


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