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Course: MPR




This 2-day workshop provides participants with a greater understanding and more-in-depth skills in people and relationships management. 

Using the well-proven assessment centre approach, the workshop serves to equip participants with feedback on their behaviours and improvement techniques for better managing people and relationships.


  • To increase self-awareness of your own personality and your perceptiveness of other various  personality types

  • To learn specific methods and techniques for managing self and others


For Whom

All professionals, managers and executives (PMEs).  Those who want to benefit from personality awareness for personal growth. 


Course Outline

Developing 6 Key People Management Skills

  1. Developing and Maintaining Relationships

  • Iinterpersonal Attraction. 

  • Building Rapport. Psychological Contact. 

  • Self Disclosure.

2.    Exercising Power and Influence

  • Five Types of Power. 

  • Methods of Acquiring Power. 

  • Methods of Influence. 

  • Techniques of Persuasion.

3.   Motivating People

  • Motivating through Meeting Needs. 

  • Management by Objectives. 

  • Motivating through Goal-Setting. 

  • Motivating through Job Enrichment.


4.   Managing Group Dynamics

  • Process Vs. Content.

  • Behaviour in Groups. 

  • Stages in Group Development.   

  • Techniques for Non-threatening Participation.

5.   Handling Conflicts

  • Conflict Coping Styles. 

  • Responding to a Provocation. 

  • Managing Anger. 

  • Handling Objections. 

  • Verbal and Non-verbal Assertive Techniques. 

  • Third Party Conflict Mediation.

  1. Managing Non-Performing Employees

  • Performance Management System. 

  • The Sub-Standard Employee. 

  • The Diffident Employee. 

  • The Egoistic Employee. 

  • The Insubordinate Employee. 

  • Dealing with Sub-Standard Performance.


"Gain more knowledge on how to handle conflicts effectively and on motivating staff. Get to understand oneself better. Learn how to manage under-performing employees by encouraging them. Learn how to have a good relationship between superior and staff. Learn how to improve listening skills. Trainer is a confident instructor. An Eye-Opener during practice/exercises and participants' discussions. Good manual/handouts and sufficient practice/exercises. Programme is very relevant to my job, and to my personal life too!"


22 - 23/2/12 (Wed & Thu)
9 am - 5 pm

20 -21/6/12 (Wed & Thu)
9 am - 5 pm

19 - 20/9/12 (Wed & Thu)
9 am - 5 pm


$880+GST pp; 10% discount for 2 or more registrations

(Inclusive of training manuals, lunch & refreshments)

10% discount off registration fee for 2 or more participants from same company  

Please make cheque payable to 6M Management Consultants Pte Ltd and mail it to:




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Tel: (065) 65822280
Fax: (065) 65828221

For in-house programme/customisation and other enquiries, contact us at consultancy@6m.com.sg