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Carried out numerous consultancy projects and led multi-disciplinary teams in carrying out organisation studies, the development of strategic business plans, and the implementation of enterprise performance management systems.   

Partial list of completed consultancy projects: 

  Training Needs Analysis/Total Training Plan

Carried out for a major Singapore shipbuilding company in 1986, which had a total staff of over 500 then.  The final plan was highly commended and held up as an example for other companies to follow.  Conducted many of the training programmes forming part of the total training plan.

Manpower Optimisation Study

Carried out four phases of this project over a 2-year period to assess the optimum staffing levels for various divisions and departments of a major Malaysian government organisation with over 5000 employees.  The project included making recommendations for improving organisational effectiveness.

Job Evaluation

Carried out a job evaluation study for the management staff of a major organisation to determine the relative worth of the various managerial positions to provide a basis for rationalising the salary structure.

Organisational Survey

Carried out organisational surveys and other organisation review studies involving questionnaire, interviews and focus groups for many organisations.  Based on these, advised clients on their critical issues and concerns and recommended improvement projects.

Management Development Project

Developed competency profiles of high potential managers and used these as a basis for training and other initiatives to upgrade their management capability.

Performance Management

Developed and installed a Performance Management System for a group of companies.  HQ in Singapore with subsidiary/associate companies in Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia, Thailand and Philippines.  Includes preparation of a Management Manual and a 4-day training programme for its managers in Singapore and the region.


Competency Profiling

As part of its management development programme, 6M was engaged by a government ministry to develop a 360 managerial competency profiling instrument for its middle management staff who have been identified to take up future senior positions

Management Retreats

Planned and conducted a series of annual management retreats for a major public organisation on different themes such as Change Management, Strategic Planning, and Marketing Strategies.

 Strategic Business Plans

Facilitated the development of Strategic Business Plans for several SMEs identified by the Productivity and Standards Board (PSB) as promising enterprises.  Subsequently these companies retained 6M to facilitate the implementation of their strategic business plans.

Industry Training Needs Analysis

Carried out industry needs analysis and developed total industry training plans for the automobile and insurance industries in Singapore, including competency profiling of 20 key jobs in the insurance industry.


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