Competency Profiling System 


Today, competency management system has become an increasingly important concept to many organisations all over the world as many recognised that the wealth of businesses and nations depends on the knowledge and skills of their people.  The concept of competencies has taken many approaches and undergone particularly rapid development in recent years.

Since 1992, 6M has evolved and pioneered a unique approach to competency profiling.  Its system, simple yet comprehensive, integrates the various human resource functions and provides the basis for a total approach to performance management of employees. Its methodology ensures that the competency inventories are well-written in a practical and clearly understandable form to facilitate assessment and its applications.

Who Should Attend

  • CEOs/Managing Directors

  • Department Managers/Supervisors

  • Section Heads

  • HR/Training Directors

  • HR/Training Managers

  • HR/Training Executives

  • Plus those concerned and involved in the development of performance management systems.


  • Identify training needs

  • Track staff post training performance progress

  • Facilitate staff career development

  • Provide basis for staff reward and compensation etc.

Course Fees

$450 + 5% GST per participant

Inclusive of course manual, lunch and refreshments 

10% discount off registration fee for 2 or more from the same company  

*  No cancellations for confirmed registrations, however replacements are allowed .

 Venue & Time

16 Nov 2006 (Thu)

23 Feb 2007 (Fri)

15 Jun 2007 (Fri)

16 Nov 2007 (Fri)

9am - 5pm; Venue to be confirmed


Past Participants' Feedback

"The trainer is competent and experienced in the subject. Have always been too overwhelmed when trying to do it, but now it seems very manageable. What I learned can be utilised for immediate application in my organisation. Overall, it's a very good programme and it is certainly recommended to all business professionals, managers & executives. Good template to develop on using the Competency Based Assessment. Would recommend the framework presented in this course. Very informative & beneficial."


Course Objectives

  • To learn 6Mís unique approach to competency profiling and its applications.  

  • To develop competence in developing competency descriptions, constructing competency inventories and administrating competency assessment exercises.

Course Outline

  1. Overview of Competency Profiling

  • What is Competency Profiling

  • Definition of a Competency

  • Competency Inventories

  • Competency Descriptions

  • Competency Assessment

  • Competency Profiling System - Applications & Implications

  1. Constructing Competency Inventories

  • Identify Critical Competency Areas

  • Writing Competency Statements

  • Specifying Competency Outcomes

  1. Creating the Competency Assessment Instrument

  • Format 

  • Rating Scale

  • Computation      

  • Profile Plotting

  • Instructions  

  1. Constructing Competency Inventories

  • Briefing Assessors

  • Developing Minimum Expected Competency Profiles

  • Administrative Procedures 

  • Competency Profiling Reports

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